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We send a job completion survey to each customer after project completion. If customers give us permission to publish the reviews, we post them on this page.

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Tonya C
Elbert, CO
5 Stars
Nov 27th, 2018
Having flooding repairs done on your home is stressful. Knowing who to call is even more so. The company our insurance recommended left me feeling less than optimistic. Based on an online recommendation, I called KW. Best decision ever! They were VERY responsive, extremely professional, respectful, compassionate to our situation, and the work performed is such a fantastic quality! I would recommend KW to all my friends and family. Every time. Thank you so much for making my home beautiful again!
John F
Buena Vista, CO
4.5 Stars
Mar 6th, 2018
I wouldn't want to do the job that KW did after a big backup in my home. House is better than ever thanks to the professional staff at KW. I hope I'm never to need them again but I'm glad a company like them is local.
C.C. Barton
Salida, CO
5 Stars
Jan 22nd, 2016
Extremely professional. Great communication. Excellent clean-up after the job. Couldn't be happier.
Peggy H
Buena Vista, CO
4.5 Stars
Dec 27th, 2015
Everything about the 1st response to my disaster (roof leak). The re-construction was a bit unorganized, too many managers on the job, didn't know who was in charge.
James J.
Elgin, TX
5 Stars
Dec 20th, 2015
Outstanding service from start to finish. Extremely professional & knowledgeable staff.
Raymond S
Crested Butte, CO
5 Stars
Dec 10th, 2015
My home couldn't have flooded at a more in convenient time. Paul and his crew had the knowledge and drive to get my house dry, and back to normal in no time.
Spring Canyon
Buena Vista, CO
5 Stars
Mar 17th, 2015
Exceptional! The work is done very well, on time and quality that says it is completed correctly!
Kristin F
5 Stars
Mar 13th, 2015
Our mountain home experienced a major flood. Within an hour of our call, KW was starting the clean-up which then led to 6 weeks of reconstruction. Everyone was so helpful and professional throughout the whole process especially our main contractor. Experiencing a flood of this magnitude was very difficult and KW walked with us through the entire process making it a little less traumatic. I would highly recommend KW to any of my friends or family.
Ramona M
Salida, CO
5 Stars
Dec 31st, 2014
Paul showed up even on weekends;Jerry answered every phone call;Ruben worked shorthanded and completed the work; Mike was meticulous; Joe answered every question and was reassuring, Thanks to each of you!!

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