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Preventing Mold in Colorado Springs and Leadville, CO

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Mold is an irritant that can be found in just about every property. Though most molds share a similar appearance, the common house mold can be classified into one of three categories:

  • Allergenic – the least harmful but can be problematic for people with asthma and allergies.
  • Pathogenic – dangerous for people with weak or compromised immune systems. Can grow in the lungs and cause hypersensitivity pneumonitis.
  • Toxigenic – the most life-threatening out of the three categories. Too much exposure leads to bleeding of the lungs and nose as well as lung cancer. Black mold is one kind of toxigenic mold.

To prevent the dangers brought about by mold, you need to address your moisture problem. Moisture helps create a damp and humid environment – a perfect habitat for molds to thrive. By eliminating or reducing moisture, you’ll put a stop to mold growth.

Locate and Repair all Leaks

Cold air and water leaks invite moisture into your property, so you need to look and seal them fast. Some of the most common air leaks are located in your walls, HVAC systems and the edges of your windows. Water leaks can be found in your plumbing and pipes, taps and the roof. If the crack or hole is manageable, you can use unprofessional methods to patch it up. However, if the gap is too big or complicated to seal, then it’s best to have it professionally repaired instead.

Eliminate Condensation

Condensation is a liquid that forms on cold surfaces like your pipes, concrete walls and windows. They are difficult to handle because they keep forming even when you wipe them away. To put an end to condensation, it’s a smart move to insulate your property. Insulating your basement and crawl space raises your property’s temperature, reducing the formation of condensation.

Get a Sump Pump and Basement Dehumidifier

For long term moisture solutions, install a sump pump and dehumidifier in your basement. The sump pump and dehumidifier can reduce and eliminate moisture by draining water from your property and removing the water vapor in the air.

Applying these mold prevention strategies will stop moisture from accumulating in your property. However, if mold has gotten out of hand, contact KW Restoration for help. Our company offers professional mold remediation that combats the spreading and dangers from this irritant. Just give us a call at 719-301-3737 for an estimate today. We service properties in Colorado Springs and Leadville, Colorado.

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