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When you have an unexpected disaster in your home or business, you're usually left with a stressful situation and not much time to resolve it. Fire damage and water damage situations typically happen quickly and when you're least expecting it, which is exactly why KW Restoration is always on call to help with emergency restoration in , Colorado.

At KW Restoration, we understand just how challenging it is dealing with any type of sudden disaster. We also know how fire damage can also cause water damage when putting out a fire and how mold growth can show up after water damage. These are just a few reasons why we offer full-service restoration and construction services to get your home or business back on track after a disaster. We serve and all of the surrounding areas in Central Colorado and the Rockies.

KW Restoration Services

When it comes to disaster restoration, we offer a comprehensive list of services to completely restore and rebuild your property. Our restoration and repair services include:

Ask About Our Custom Home Builder & Remodeling Services in

It's common that once restoration is done, you may want to update parts of your home or business, which is why we also offer custom remodeling and construction services to upgrade various parts of your property. Some of the remodeling and construction services we provide include:

National Emergency Response

KW Restoration is available nationwide to provide emergency response in catastrophic natural events. If you need fire damage restoration, water damage restoration, mold mitigation, deodorization, remodeling, interior trim, contents restoration, pack-out and inventory service, document drying, or other construction and emergency restoration services, call us at KW Restoration today.

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For fire damage, storm damage, water damage or any other type or disaster restoration services in or surrounding areas, contact us at 719-301-3737.

CALL NOW at 719-301-3737 or Fill out the Contact Form and we will contact you.
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Robin Gramling from Buena Vista , CO
5 Stars
Reviewed on Google
Jan 26th, 2021
KW Construction has now provided us with two high quality renovations, one in 2006 and the other in 2020. In both cases, the craftsmanship, attention to detail, and execution were exceptional. It is rare to go through such a process and come out on the other side with 100% satisfaction. Kyle and his team were able to bring to life everything we were hoping for. Any issues that emerged were promptly and seamlessly resolved. I can't imagine trusting anyone other than KW to take on our next project!
Harrison Roberts from Salida , CO
5 Stars
Reviewed on Review Central
Nov 4th, 2020
Everyone has been great to work with, in spite of some damages created during the process. Jennifer quickly took care of each as soon as she was notified.

Thanks again for all your work, your people got right to me as soon as I called them. I have nothing but the best to say about them all.
Sue C from Buena Vista, CO
5 Stars
Reviewed on Review Central
Jun 25th, 2020
From my first contact, everything was handled with superior service. They were very quick to respond were very professional, explained everything to me, and took care of not only my house, but me as well. I had no concerns that everything would be taken care of, so the stress was gone.
Greg Fetzer from Buena Vista, CO
5 Stars
Reviewed on Google
Feb 1st, 2020
KW initially rescued us when we had a flood in the 2nd floor bathroom that ruined a lot of our home. They were there the next morning and took care of everything from there on out. Reconstruction took about 45 days but everything was done well. They communicated frequently about progress and kept us well informed. We were very satisfied.

Since then we have used their services for a couple of other small projects. Each time they have been excellent to work with. Responsive, friendly, communicative, and professional.

I heartily recommend them to anyone in need of construction or restoration. They will get the job done for a fair price. And you can be sure they will stand behind the work.
Ginger Jones from Buena Vista, CO
5 Stars
Reviewed on Google
Feb 1st, 2020
They especially Jennifer were very responsive to our problems and needs. We were very pleased with both the tear down and the restoration. Thanks for asking. Ginger And Alan Jones Buck Run. Salida Colorado.
Kevin Adams from Buena Vista, CO
5 Stars
Reviewed on Google
Feb 1st, 2020
Checho from Buena Vista, CO
5 Stars
Reviewed on Google
Jan 12th, 2020
Local Guide from Buena Vista, CO
5 Stars
Reviewed on Google
Jan 2nd, 2020
Great People!
Matt V from Denver, CO
5 Stars
Reviewed on Review Central
Sep 18th, 2019
After an emergency flooding in my townhome, I called KW and had a response from Don and Adina immediatly. They were on-site the next day to assess the damage and get started on remediation. The communication was spectacular, everybody was kind and courteous, and my painful homeownership experience turned into a minor inconvenience. The repair work was top-notch, I'd highly recommend this team to anybody.
Connie D from Salida, CO
5 Stars
Reviewed on Review Central
Mar 14th, 2019
We had a sewer pipe freeze and backup black water into the master bathroom and bedroom. Paul at KW was prompt with a quote and team to do the restoration work. Everyone at KW was very professional. They remediated the area and replaced the subfloor. Jennifer worked with our insurance company for full payment. I recommend KW for your restoration needs.
Testimonials from
Testimonial from Lloyd Drennen
Mr. Drennen was very pleased with the Job that KW Construction & Restoration Completed for them.
Leadville Water Restoration note Leadville Water Restoration note
I wanted to pass along our appreciation for Ryan. He is as professional as it gets and a true asset for your business. In this ___, where unprofessionalism is unfortunately very common, Ryan stands out and went above and beyond for us on this project.
Customer Positive Feedback Customer Positive Feedback
Loly your employees were very professional and Their work is perfect. My home is better then before! Special thanks to Ryan he was very professional and personable. He was very pleasant to deal with in a very unpleasant incident.
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