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Imagine that it’s a sunny day in Buena Vista and it’s the beginning of your vacation.

Just when you think you have it made, a pipe bursts in the basement and it floods that level of your house which also happens to be the place where you keep a lot of your stuff. You go and try to switch off the main but you accidentally leave whatever you are cooking on the stove. You are at the main and it just won’t budge; you force it and the handle pops. Smoke suddenly comes out of your kitchen and you rush back into your house. You successfully use your fire extinguisher on the stove, but the smoke has already clung to the wall and the ceiling. The roar of burst pipes from downstairs and you now hear loud gushing sounds as if the Arkansas River has come into your home. What do you do?

Don’t let bad luck get you down. For these kinds of stressful situations, there’s K.W. Restoration.

For scenarios like above, the K.W. Restoration team will be more than happy to do plumbing leak damage repair and all the other steps from our water damage restoration process. We will even catalogue, dry and keep your stuff in our state of the art warehouse. As for your kitchen, we will do our fire damage restoration process in order to remove smoke and soot damage and do smoke odor removal.

K.W. Restoration is the leading mitigation and restoration company in Colorado. We have been serving the people of Buena Vista and the communities in and around the counties of Chaffee, El Paso, Eagle, Gunnison, Lake, Park, Saguache, and Summit since 1988. For all your water and fire related emergencies, please do not hesitate to contact K.W. Restoration at 866-362-7662. Our team of trained technicians will come, whether you call night or day, to help solve the emergency situation at your home. Leave the stress to the professionals!

Learn about Buena Vista, Co

Called “Beautiful View” in Spanish, Buena Vista is a town sitting on the banks of the Arkansas River. And true enough, the town is right in the middle of such scenery as the town is bordered by three mountain ranges – the Buffalo Peaks, Sangre De Cristo Range, and the Collegiate Peaks.

Buena Vista is home to 2,195 residents. Tourism is the main driver of the local economy with listings for accommodations, kayaking, and tours figuring mostly the directory of the Buena Vista Chamber of Commerce.

Travelers going to this Colorado town can expect a lot of offerings to go on an adventure in the mountainous landscape, valleys and rivers of this unique place. Simply driving through its passes like the Fall Aspen Pass, the Twin Lakes to Independence Pass Drive, and the Cottonwood Lake Pass Fall Drive is already an experience worth remembering. People who want to connect to Buena Vista’s local history only need to go to the various museums in the town.



Customer Reviews from Buena Vista
John F from Buena Vista, CO
4.5 Stars
Mar 6th, 2018
I wouldn't want to do the job that KW did after a big backup in my home. House is better than ever thanks to the professional staff at KW. I hope I'm never to need them again but I'm glad a company like them is local.
Peggy H from Buena Vista, CO
4.5 Stars
Dec 27th, 2015
Everything about the 1st response to my disaster (roof leak). The re-construction was a bit unorganized, too many managers on the job, didn't know who was in charge.
Spring Canyon from Buena Vista, CO
5 Stars
Mar 17th, 2015
Exceptional! The work is done very well, on time and quality that says it is completed correctly!