The Causes of Water Heater Leaks

A plumber repairing a leaking water heaterWater heaters provide us much needed heat and comfort in our day-to-day lives here in Central Colorado. They are especially helpful during the cold winter months, when using ice-cold water for our showers would be almost unimaginable.

When you suddenly discover that your shower is not delivering enough water or is giving you a chilly washing, the culprit could be a leaky water heater. What causes water heater leaks and how can you prevent them from happening? Read on to find out.

The temperature pressure relief valve is defective – A temperature pressure relief valve is used in residential water heaters to release water when the temperature or pressure within the tank exceeds safe levels. You can have a certified plumber or restoration professional check your water heater to see if the valve is not working properly or if it is corroded and needs replacement.

Corroded connections – The tank’s pipes could also be corroded. This is not always easy to detect, which can be pretty troublesome if the pipes break and cause a major leak. Your plumber might recommend installing replacement pipes that are lined with plastic to prevent similar problems from occurring in the future.

The drain valve is leaking – If the drain valve is leaking, your plumber can check to see if the washer has deteriorated or corroded. The washer is a metal, plastic, or rubber ring that goes with the valve and works as a seal to prevent water from escaping when the valve is closed. If the washer is okay, check instead to see if sediments are blocking the valve and are causing it to be improperly closed. If the valve is partially open, even just a little bit, a leak could occur as a result.

The tank is too old – Water heaters usually last for many years, but as they get older, the end of their service lives gets nearer and nearer. Rusting begins to take place on the tank body itself, and when it gets bad enough, the tank could begin leaking. Usually, this damage is irreparable, and you will need to replace your water heater altogether.

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