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Cleaning up after a fire or a flood situation can be a handful, even for the most prepared of property owners. Aside from sanitizing the area and making sure everything is kept safe during the cleanup process, everything that is still salvageable needs to be properly accounted for and then removed from the premises.

In times like these, one of the most important assets that you can rely on is a restoration service that can do all of these things in a fast, efficient and reliable manner. KW Construction & Restoration has been recognized as one of the industry’s top service providers in all types of restoration services, including fire damage restoration, water damage restoration, mold remediation and pack out services.

Packing out garbage, debris and other kinds of junk is a must in any restoration project. Simply piling up clutter in an effort to clean the area after a flood, or a fire, is just not enough. Trying to do things on your own can lead to a dangerous situation, as handling unsanitary materials can pose a serious health risk if not done properly. This is why your best recourse is to seek a professional cleaning and restoration service.

With more than 25 years of experience under our belt, KW Construction & Restoration has a team of highly trained technician who are equipped to handle any disaster or emergency situation. We are on call at any time and always ready to respond to any calls of distress in the area.

Reliable Post-Disaster Packing and Storage Service

Home filled with debris after a disaster

If you’re looking for a reliable service provider who can pack up all your valuables and clean everything up after a disaster, then there’s only one name to remember: KW Restoration. We have been a trusted brand to home owners and business proprietors alike in Colorado Springs, Colorado for many years now. If you want to learn more about this and our other services, please visit our Contact Us page and leave us a message there. Alternatively, you can also call our phone number at 719-301-3737 .

Customer Reviews from
Daniel W

Jun 5th, 2021
Miguel James

Jun 10th, 2022
Greg Burrell

Jun 1st, 2023
Donna Van Meter

Jun 4th, 2023
KW was instrumental in remodeling our cabin after flood damage. We asked for several upgrades and improvements over the initial flood estimate and they were willing to accommodate our requests and had good suggestions to issues that arose during construction. Kyle was very easy to work with and responded quickly throughout the process. We've had many compliments on our new kitchen and improvements throughout our cabin!
Sands Simonton

Jun 27th, 2023
I manage a retreat center/ summer camp in the Sangres and KW construction is our go to company. Kevin was our project manager and he seriously crushed this job. We are pretty far from any town, and we had a very tight deadline for the start of the summer. They were able to mitigate and reconstruct our large two story lodge with time to spare. Full mitigation of the entire first floor, drywall, paint, electrical, flooring in the main room and hallways and carpet in all 10 bedrooms, stained trim and molding, solid doors, custom vanity’s in every room and in 6 full sized bathrooms. You should go with KW if you need any mitigation and/or construction done. They answer the phone every time, they work with you and with your insurance company with professionalism and timeliness. 5 stars all day.
Completed Jobs from
RMPCA Annual Golf Tournament RMPCAGOLF19
June 21, 2019
KW Restoration & Construction is proud to be the sponsor of the 13th hole.
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Testimonial from Lloyd Drennen
Mr. Drennen was very pleased with the Job that KW Construction & Restoration Completed for them.
Leadville Water Restoration note Leadville Water Restoration note
I wanted to pass along our appreciation for Ryan. He is as professional as it gets and a true asset for your business. In this ___, where unprofessionalism is unfortunately very common, Ryan stands out and went above and beyond for us on this project.
Customer Positive Feedback Customer Positive Feedback
Loly your employees were very professional and Their work is perfect. My home is better then before! Special thanks to Ryan he was very professional and personable. He was very pleasant to deal with in a very unpleasant incident.
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