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According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), the term “toxic black mold” is usually associated with mold producing mycotoxins, or toxic substances. Black mold remediation is the process of repairing black mold damage and restoring the property to its previous, pre-mold state.

Where does black mold grow?

Black mold can grow in your property in any area of high moisture, humidity, or dampness. Black mold can grow on wallpaper, drywall, wood furniture, metal pipes and fixtures, carpet pads, attics, crawl spaces, basements and bathrooms. Hidden or invisible black mold could sometimes be detected by the strong musty or moldy odor it produces.

What are the effects of black mold?

The length of exposure to black mold, the degree of exposure, as well as the individual's sensitivity to the mold toxins will determine the severity of the reaction and ultimate effects of black mold exposure. People with compromised immune systems, young children, asthma sufferers, the elderly and pregnant women have a higher chance of responding negatively to black mold exposure. Ingestion, inhalation or direct skin contact may cause coughing, sneezing, itchy eyes, asthma, headache, skin rash and more.

How to prevent black mold in your home?

Killing black mold and getting rid of black mold can be difficult and costly. It is much easier to prevent black mold from occupying your home. These are ideas to remember to effectively prevent black mold.

  • Make sure your home, household furnishings, and personal belongings are dry
  • If and when your home, furnishings and belongings do get wet, make sure you dry them completely within 24-48 hours, or preferably sooner
  • Maintain your home regularly, with timely cleaning and repairs

You must be vigilant about water leaks and flooding in your home. Routinely checking obvious and visible areas of your home for leaks is as important as checking the hidden areas. These are areas that should be checked routinely: crawl spaces, attics, basements, ceilings, areas behind walls, laundry and utility area, kitchen. Maintain the following on a regular basis to prevent a moisture problem that may lead to black mold, such as toilet and bathroom areas, HVAC systems, water heater drip pans, and humidifiers. Black mold can be prevented if moisture and humidity can be controlled. Even if accidental water damage or flooding occurs, timely drying will minimize water and black mold damage clean up and repairs.

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