Smoke Odor Removal in Colorado Springs, Leadville and Salida, CO

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KW Construction and Restoration Smoke Odor Removal

the interior of a home damaged by fire and requiring extensive smoke odor removal.

Fire damage may be quite considerable for building infrastructure and contents inside the property after the flames die down. Moreover, smoke odors lingering after fires are difficult to remove and may cause long lasting damage as well. Inexperienced property owners facing fire and smoke damage should not attempt to cleanup and remove soot, debris and smoke odors themselves, without expert help from a fire and water damage restoration company. Lay people may, unintentionally, cause further damage by spreading char and soot around the property. In fact, improper and unstructured handling of smoke odor and fire damage cleanup may hinder the progress of competent repair efforts. Therefore, professionals should be handling both content restoration and fire damage structural repairs. Contact us today!

Let KW Construction and Restoration handle your Fire Damage Cleanup & Smoke Odor Removal

The sooner fire and water damage restoration personnel are called in for cleanup and repair work, the sooner they can begin to restore the property. Smoke odor removal following a fire need to be taken care of without delays, as odors have a tendency to penetrate carpets, walls, furniture, clothing, etc. Water and fire damaged items within the home are packed and taken to a content restoration facility, where they are gently cleaned and restored. These items include rugs, draperies, sheets, clothing, books, ornamental accessories, artwork, electronics, documents, furniture, toys, and many others.

Customer Reviews from
Jen And Jan G. from Leadville, CO

Apr 4th, 2024
Recently we had a roof leak at our mountain home. The leak occurred at night and we notified KW Restoration. They responded first thing in the AM
and within one hour they were able to get the roof under control and in the next hour install the equipment to dry out the necessary moisture that might have accumulated. The workers and everyone we dealt with was entirely courteous, professional, and responsive. I would encourage anyone who is in need of restoration work on their home or place of business to contact KW.
Sheila Monzon from Leadville, CO

Mar 25th, 2024
Thank you KW for the beautiful work you did restoring and remodeling our home after a water pipe burst. You exceeded our expectations for quality of work and timeliness. We will use you in the future for additional upgrades. We can’t thank you enough! Highly recommend!
Travis Bradley from Salidia, CO

Feb 26th, 2024
This crew is awesome and some of the hardest working people I know. It’s great to have such a responsive and professional restoration company here locally, and have used them many times on referrals and they never cease to impress.
Dave Nellis from Salidia, CO

Mar 5th, 2024
Great communication and attention to detail.
Daniel Pilling from Leadville, CO

Oct 28th, 2023
KW responded quickly to mitigate water damage and prep for restoration. Jennifer and the whole mitigation were very professional, thorough and timely. I continued our engagement with the KW team by contracting for reconstruction services. Mike led the reconstruction team and once again I was very pleased with their professional approach, thoroughness and “can do” attitude. In all regards I especially appreciated the pro-active project management approach. I would definitely hire KW for future requirements.
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RMPCA Annual Golf Tournament RMPCAGOLF19
June 21, 2019
KW Restoration & Construction is proud to be the sponsor of the 13th hole.
Testimonials from
Testimonial from Lloyd Drennen
Mr. Drennen was very pleased with the Job that KW Construction & Restoration Completed for them.
Leadville Water Restoration note Leadville Water Restoration note
I wanted to pass along our appreciation for Ryan. He is as professional as it gets and a true asset for your business. In this ___, where unprofessionalism is unfortunately very common, Ryan stands out and went above and beyond for us on this project.
Customer Positive Feedback Customer Positive Feedback
Loly your employees were very professional and Their work is perfect. My home is better then before! Special thanks to Ryan he was very professional and personable. He was very pleasant to deal with in a very unpleasant incident.
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