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A list of reasons to choose KW Construction and Restoration for your project

Regular use of your hardwood floors can leave them scratched and dull. Older floors typically have problems with fading and discoloration. Water, and if you have pets, urine can also potentially damage your floors. Because of these issues, you may be reconsidering having your hardwood floor refinished or replaced.

Should you have that 50-year-old flooring ripped out and replaced with new ones? Or can it still be refinished to look good as new?

Salvaging The Floor

Almost every old floor can be salvaged and refinished by skilled contractors. Some signs that you need the floor refinished include termite-damaged planks, delaminated strips, and boards crawling with insects. The flooring can still be replaced if there are only a few boards with these problems.

Squeaky floors can be muted with dry lubricant or nails, and holes can be plugged. Floor sections that are too damaged can be patched up. Our professional restoration specialists at KW Restoration can look for patches that match the grain, color, species, and cut of the wood. Afterwards, we can seamlessly add the patch into the floor. It won’t look like a replacement at all; your floor will just look clean and complete.

Pet Stains and Water Marks

When your pet makes scratch marks on your floors, or water spills onto the wood, these can be covered with a rug. Your contractor may sand down the floor and then walk you through it. Afterwards, they will apply a suitable finish to the stained areas until the customer is contented.


If you want the floors to be restored to their former glory, then refinishing is the way to go. But if you want the style of the wood or the direction of the planks to change, consider investing in a complete flooring replacement. So if you’re bored with how your wooden floors look, refinishing them isn’t going to help. Refinishing is done to restore existing wood and replacement is for a completely different look or feel.

Floors Beyond Repair

Of course, as time goes on, your floor will eventually have to be replaced. Here are some signs that your floor is ready for retirement:

  • Serious structural problems. If your flooring needs to be removed to fix the subfloor, it’s time to get a full floor replacement.
  • Extreme movement. If your floors have extreme movement between each board, it isn’t a good idea to refinish it. The movement will just affect the sanding and the finish. It’s a much safer option to work with a completely new floor.
  • Too much sanding. If your floors have been sanded too many times, then the wood may not be as thick or “meaty” as it used to be. It’s usually time to replace the wood if the tongue and groove is falling apart, and the nails are already exposed.

Professional Service with KW Restoration

Whether you decide to have your floor refinished or replaced, KW Restoration is here for you. We'll choose the best finish for your hardwood floors to maximize its design and shine. If it's time to have your hardwood floors replaced, we'll complete the job quickly and efficiently. We have both the skills and the tools to restore your floor to its perfect state.

With our help, you can have a beautiful floor that your entire family can appreciate for years to come.

We offer other construction & reconstruction services, such as vanity replacementelectrical work, and other remodeling services. We can also help out if you need any fire damage restoration and water damage restoration work done.

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