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Electrical Services

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Electricity is an important element in both residential and commercial properties. It helps charge your devices, keeps your machines running throughout the evening, and gives your lights the source they need to brighten up your rooms. Because of how much you rely on energy, it is no surprise that your electrical systems experience problems due to too much stress.

Be it a blown fuse or an incoming storm, you know that your property depends on electricity in order to be functional. To get out of troubling situations, it is your job to look for the problem and solve it. Of course, simple dilemmas can be repaired by easy solutions (e.g. replacing a light bulb or blown fuse). However, dealing with more complicated matters with regards to electricity is a matter best left to the professionals. Your electrical systems are made from a multitude of wires – each crisscrossing with one another to get from one end to the next; and when something goes wrong internally, it is much better to leave the situation to the professionals.

We Work with Expert Electricians

Electricity is a key element in both residential and commercial properties. We work with the most reputable professionals in Central Colorado to ensure any size job is done correctly and efficiently.

It’s important to leave electrical work to the experts. Tampering with your electrical systems without the correct safety gear is extremely dangerous and could potentially cause a fire.

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We offer on-site evaluations to help you understand the scope of your electrical needs. We will work directly with your insurance provider, if needed.

Home Electrical Safety Tips
  • Replace or repair damaged power cords. Exposed wiring is a danger that cannot go overlooked.
  • Don't overload your outlets.
  • Avoid extension cords as much as possible.
  • Keep electrical equipment or outlets away from water.
  • Protect small children from electrical hazards.

Professional Services near You

Professionals like us, at KW Restoration, are equipped with the proper tools and materials to handle all sorts of electrical problems. Tampering with your electrical systems without the correct safety gear is dangerous, because besides being greeted by a surprising shock, it is possible that the wires can catch fire, ultimately burning your property to the ground. Our trained electricians will do more than a good job at fixing your electrical systems and keeping everyone in the home safe; so make the right choice and call us at: 719-301-3737.

We also have various construction and reconstruction services, as well as restoration services, that deal with fire and water damage. If you have any further questions and inquiries, visit our contact page here. You can call us at any time for we operate on a 24/7 basis. We only serve properties located in Colorado Springs and Leadville, Colorado.

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