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Duct System Smoke Removal in Colorado Springs & Leadville

After a fire at your home or office, you will notice a persistent scent of smoke long after the final blaze is extinguished. As smoke & soot accumulate on the insides of your duct system, the smell spreads throughout your entire property with air circulation. However, KW Construction & Restoration offers comprehensive duct system smoke removal services for your property in Colorado SpringsPenroseMonte Vista, and other cities that we serve. 

We are a certified fire & water damage restoration company that works to effectively remove the persistent smell of smoke using advanced equipment and years of experience. Give us a call TODAY at 719-301-3737 or click here to schedule an appointment to remove the smoke odor & restore your indoor air quality.

Cost-Effective Smoke & Soot Removal

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Smoke particles that stick to the walls of the vents are known to be a big challenge. But, our restoration technicians clean and treat your air ducts in order to successfully remove the smoke scent from your building. We offer smoke removal services that include cleaning your air ducts, HVAC system, and ventilation system to return your indoor air quality to a healthy state.

In addition to smoke odor removal, KW Restoration also offers complete fire damage restoration services that include:

Healthier Indoor Air Quality by KW Restoration

KW Restoration offers microbial decontamination of fire-damaged houses. Your HVAC (heating, ventilation, air condition) will be dried, cleaned, and then treated with HEPA filtration to sanitize and decontaminate your home.

Trust Us for Complete Smoke Removal in Como, Colorado Springs, & Penrose

Our duct system smoke removal service is available for both residential & commercial properties across Colorado. Additionally, if any of your rooms have suffered extreme damage from fire, we also provide reconstruction & remodeling services to help you recover. We serve customers in Como, Colorado Springs, PenroseMonte Vista, and other cities throughout our service area in the Central Rockies. Call us at 719-301-3737 or simply click here to schedule an appointment to remove smoke from your duct system ASAP.

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