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Are you getting bored of your vanity’s current look, or perhaps it is damaged? A vanity replacement can give your entire bathroom a fresh, new look that will keep you happy for years. Adding a fresh coat of pain can also give your bathroom a brand-new ambience. However, trying to replace the entire vanity — or even just parts of it — can spell disaster if you don’t know what you’re doing.

Although changing your bathroom vanity may sound like a simple task, it isn’t as easy as going to the store and choosing a brand-new vanity. There are other, more complicated processes to consider, and this is why it’s best to leave it to the professionals.

Things to Consider when Replacing your Vanity

  • Are your bathroom walls tiled?
  • What happens if your bathroom’s current flooring doesn’t run under your vanity?
  • What will happen if your plumbing shutoff valves weren’t properly installed, or they don’t work?
  • What happens if the brand-new vanity doesn’t match the size or the depth of the old one, and you need to make some modifications to make the new vanity fit?
  • What if the pipes that come through the wall isn’t the right height for your vanity’s sink?
  • Have you considered the dangers posed by having a mirror right on your bathroom’s countertop?

Looks Simple, Actually Is Not

If you have tiled walls and you're planning to change your bathroom vanity, it's best consider calling in a professional. It takes ample experience to make sure that your tiles can work alongside your new vanity — and professionals are trained to tackle this issue with ease and creativity.

Before vanity replacement
After vanity replacement

Another complication you may run into is when your new vanity isn't the same size as the one it is replacing. If the current vanity is wider than the new one, or there is something in the way, you may need to order a custom-made cabinet. Otherwise, you will need the service of someone with good woodworking skills. A mirror resting on the countertop can also break and cause injuries if you try to remove it by yourself.

And if you have a premade countertop that is made to fit your new vanity, your next problem will be caulking.

Leave it to KW Restoration

Attempting to replace a vanity by yourself sounds like a good way to save some money. However, without the proper tools and experience, you may also do more harm than good and end up spending twice the amount on repairs. Consider leaving it to us, at KW Restoration - we have both the skills and the tools to successfully overcome these obstacles and get your brand-new vanity installed. We also offer other construction & reconstruction services, like some fire damage restorationwater damage restoration and various remodeling services. So if you're in Colorado Springs and Leadville or in the surrounding areas, call us now at 719-301-3737 . You can also leave us a message on contact KW Restoration.

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