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A list of reasons to choose KW Construction and Restoration for your project

KW Construction and Restoration is a full service, fully licensed general contractor in the state of Colorado. We are experts in residential and commercial construction and finish outs and we are fully staffed with experienced project managers, superintendents, and trades specialists to make any sized building or structural construction run smoothly and efficiently. Moreover, KW Construction and Restoration’s design team works closely with both our construction teams and our clients on tenant finish outs as well as on full-scale design.

Construction and Remodeling

Call a professional restoration company you trust during fire and water damage emergencies. When flooding or any fire, smoke, mold, or water damages occur in your home or commercial property, call KW Construction and Restoration at 719-301-3737. Trained technicians will arrive shortly to remove all water, dry the premises, clean up the debris, and repair all damages to your home or commercial property. They will also check for mold infestation, as water spills and leaks may lead to mold if not dried promptly.

Construction and rebuild solutions include:

KW Construction and Restoration Working with Clients

Every project begins with a clear idea of client objectives, along with an analysis of goal feasibility, scope and financial planning. KW Construction and Restoration works closely with clients on timeliness and plans of action in both new construction and reconstruction projects. KW Construction and Restoration offers consultations and estimates for all construction, remodeling, and finish out jobs. Crews are on call 24/7 for emergency situations, making response time and reliability a natural part of the excellent customer service for which the company is known. Click on our Contact page for immediate attention.

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