The Dangers of Toilet and Sewage Overflows

Plumber working on overflowing toiletToilet and sewage overflows are seen by many as a nuisance and an inconvenience, and they are. What may not be apparent to some is that when this happens, you get more than just a smelly and messy deluge. You actually get something quite dangerous, which should be taken care of immediately.

Sewage water is essentially filled with whatever people decide to throw into the sewers. This means you will find everything that people flush down toilets and wash down their drains in this. If this overflows and you find your basement or parts of your home swimming in this kind of liquid, you can be sure that human excrement, rotten food, vomit, and even plain old dirty water is in it. This is something you do not want to set foot in, or even be in the presence of, for that matter.

What dangers are present when you encounter sewage and toilet overflows? Aside from the fact that such an occurrence will really stink up a place, it will also be very dirty and disgusting, to say the least. What people may not realize off-the-bat is that, an overflowing sewer, or even a stopped up toilet in your home, will also bring with it bacteria that can make people sick. Ailments like leptospirosis, hepatitis A, tetanus, and E coli can come from such an overflow.

Another danger that comes with sewage and toilet overflows that people may not realize immediately is slipping accidents. A wet floor is already a dangerous one to walk on, so imagine how hazardous a sticky and slimy one can be. Anyone trying to walk through such a mess without the proper footwear to protect them from slipping, as well as to keep their feet safe from the bacteria-laden liquid, is opening themselves up to injuries.

Also part of the many dangers that come with this thing happening is electrocution. Sewage and toilet overflows are made out of liquid after all, and liquids plus electricity equals the possibility of getting electrocuted. It may be a good idea to turn off power in areas where the overflow can be found to prevent anyone from getting electrocuted.

As if these dangers are not enough, there is also the danger of intoxication from the fumes that come from this water. When the overflow happens in an enclosed area, you stand a chance of inhaling gasses that are toxic, and these include hydrogen sulfide and methane. These gasses are also highly flammable, so you can add the danger of explosions and fires to this list, should a spark ignite these volatile fumes.

When you find yourself with this kind of a problem in your home, you should not attempt to remedy this situation yourself. Professionals should be called in to take care of this issue in order to prevent further problems from illnesses and injuries that result from improper handling.

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