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Repairing Drywalls Hit by Water Damage in Leadville, Co

A wet drywall is an omen of an empty wallet and a respiratory illness. Don’t let your drywall remain wet in order to avoid replacing its wooden supports and the gypsum core. If the wall is still humid, it will allow the growth of a mold colony. Knowing what to do in such a situation will save you wellness and money.

Here are some tips on repairing drywalls hit by water damage:

  1. Find and plug the leak – When a drywall is wet, there is usually a leak inside or near it. Check the direction of the water. If it is coming from the top, there might be a leak in the ceiling or a hole on the roof. Isolate the wettest area and you will be close to the source. Mark and then remove the affected section of the wall and plug the leak.
  2. Use a moisture meter – If finding a leak is proving to be difficult, use a moisture meter. You can buy one from your local hardware superstore. The gadget will allow you to scan for precipitation inside your walls or water pools that aren’t obvious because your wall looks dry.
  3. Use your nose – A wet drywall will smell musty. Follow what your nose tells you and check the area immediately.
  4. Open the windows and use towels and fans – Use towels to remove excessive moisture and then ventilate the area as soon as possible. This is to keep mold spores from growing into active colonies.
  5. Replace when necessary – If you see the green spotting associated with mold, it is time to be decisive and replace the drywall immediately before it affects your health.

A mold infestation means that professional help is already necessary. Mold is considered to be toxic because it can give a person respiratory problems if subjected to it over time. If you live in Central Colorado, please do not hesitate to call KW Restoration at 719-301-3737 or e-mail via the contact form on this site. Our team of technicians will help you reconstruct and rebuild the affected drywall. We also respond to fire and other water damage emergencies. KW Restoration is your partner in the aftermath of disasters and emergencies. Contact us today!

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