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Benefits of making KW your FIRST call

  • 24/7 Live Dispatch Personnel
  • On Scene within 90 minutes or less
  • Provide Security and Protection from natural elements
  • Thoughtful, attentive Carpenters skilled in Emergency Structural Stabilization
  • No Payment Required from Victims at time of Service (bill insurance directly)
  • Additional Loss Mitigation Services (to facilitate successful restoration)


Emergency Board Up services are urgently needed to secure both personal effects and the properties themselves from further loss or damage. KW’s professional crew will be able to seal and secure difficult openings caused by fire damage such as smashed skylights and caved-in roofs. Buildings that have been condemned by fire departments need to be boarded up to prevent unsafe entry.

  • Explosions in Colorado

Accidental explosions are terrifying. After you make sure that everyone is safe, it is imperative to call in a company that provides emergency board up services. In addition to broken windows that may eventually lead to water damage from rain, properties damaged by explosions are often structurally unsafe, and preventing people from entering them will protect them against injury – and protect the owner(s) against possible litigation.

  • Automobile Accidents in Colorado

Fire Departments are well aware of unusual accidents where a driver loses control and smashes his or her vehicle into a building. After they assess the extent of the damage, authorities (fire/police department) will determine whether the building is safe to enter. Should this happen to you or another victim, they will need emergency board up services to protect themselves and their property until it is repaired.

Solutions - Why Call KW?

  • Licensed, Certified and Insured
  • Fully Equipped to secure any size property
  • Provide specifically designed enclosures to withstand vandalism and natural elements
  • Knowledgeable about Restoration Services
  • Experienced personnel capable of handling crisis situations
  • Unparalleled Customer Service providing value and dedicated to honesty and integrity
  • Skilled Carpenters on-call and available any time, day or night

Securing damaged property should be an immediate concern for property owners, after insuring the safety of family members. Emergency Board up services help property owners restore security to their homes, offices or commercial properties until the damage can be repaired. They protect property from suffering further weather damage and they protect personal belongings and merchandise against burglars. Emergency board-up services are more than a necessary expense. They can actually save owners considerable amounts of money.

To Learn More about our Emergency Board-Up Services or Fire Damage Restoration Services, contact us at KW today at 719-301-3737

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