How to Prevent Your Water Pipes from Bursting

bathroom damaged by burst pipe

The season of winter ushers in the formations of snow and ice, and the dramatic drop of temperatures. During this season, your initial reaction to prepare your body from the cold is to bring out the thickest and warmest clothing from your wardrobe, and start putting them on. However, it is also during this season that your home becomes even vulnerable from freezing and moisture production.

Keeping your home fortified throughout the cold is important, because not only will your house withstand the extremely cold weather, but also, prevent property damage from ever developing. Yes, even during the colder months, important structures in your home freeze and break. When that happens, it is possible that you will be met by flooding, and property damage.

Normally, people would strengthen the visible or exterior parts of their home, such as walls and ceilings, but internal structures, like water pipes, need to be maintained as well. If not, it is possible that your pipes will burst, creating internal and external damages in your home.

What is A Burst Pipe?

Burst pipes can occur during any time of the year, but it is during the colder months wherein your pipes are more exposed to this damage.

A burst pipe can happen in one of two ways:

Increased water pressure

Your pipes can only take in so much pressure before they crack and break. Too much water buildup in the pipes will cause them to expand and may lead to burst pipes.

Freezing Climate

When your pipes freeze, the water that flows in them becomes frozen, as well. Even though the liquid is frozen inside, it is still possible for water to flow. When the flowing liquid makes contact with the ice that was formed in the pipes, it will cause them to expand; thus, bursting from high pressure.

Pipes that are not immediately fixed can lead to home flooding, and spread illnesses that can be acquired through the toxic substances that have contaminated the water.

Maintaining the water levels and usage in your home, and unclogging your sewage systems, will help you avoid burst pipes during the temperate times of the year. To prevent such a situation from occurring during the cooler months, however, you need to follow these simple tips.

Drain or Remove All Liquids

This only applies if you have a swimming pool or outdoor equipment that utilize water. By removing these liquids, the chances of your pipes freezing will be reduced significantly. Too much frozen liquid will lower the temperature of their surroundings and eventually, freeze nearby pipes.

Insulate Beforehand

Once you notice that the temperature is beginning to cool, have your pipes insulated. Insulating your pipes will slow down the transfer rate of heat to cold. Be aware that insulating your pipes does not prevent them from freezing.

If there are locations in your home that store water supply lines, have those rooms insulated, as well.

Simple Methods and Actions

Sometimes, it is good to prepare your pipes even during the colder months. Simple actions such as letting the cold water drip from faucets and opening kitchen and bathroom doors to let warmer air to circulate, will keep your pipes from accumulating a lot of pressure.

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